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Join us as we unify Neothinkers together into one online community, so we can each enjoy the benefits and rewards of further establishing the conditions that make life worth living forever.

You may be glad to see that we have created an online environment to continue idealizing the conditions that will bring us the cure to poverty, stagnation, tyranny, and aging, while simultaneously actualizing those conditions with unique business, political, and social systems. As a fellow Neothinker, you are welcome and invited to get involved.

Here is Just Some of What is Included

We expect there will always be something great going on inside Neothink Online. What you need or want at any given time may vary from week to week and month to month, but you will have the key resources and the key people to help support your various challenges and ambitions. We are adding new community features all the time, but here is what you can initially expect from having special access to our members-only interactive learning environment:

Actualizing Our Superpuzzle in Real-Life

After more than a decade, we are working to re-imagine the original journey with Mark Hamilton that began in 2007, so together we can further mobilize our Neothink initiatives into reality during this year (2021) as well as this decade.

The Miss Annabelle story (or the Superpuzzle series) has given us the factional roadmap for dramatically improving ourselves and society for the better, yet believing in the superpuzzle does not mean you have to play your role alone.

Our Mission to Create a Worldwide Drive

Let us be perfectly clear: In order to accomplish the extraordinarily complex feat of curing aging requires not one company or scientist, but the full might of the resources on our planet including the best minds, the deepest coffers, unhindered research and development, powerful motivation, purely free and open competition.

The extremely complex cure to aging can only come about by first establishing the psychological (stagnation-free) and political (subjugation-free) conditions worldwide that generate massive anti-aging demand and, therefore, enormous motivation and driving, unburdened competition around the world. Only such a worldwide demand and free-and-open drive of our best minds and resources not held back by political regulations and legislation could reverse nature and bring about a cure to the most complex disease called human cellular degeneration or aging.

During his thirty-three-year mission, Mark Hamilton uncovered omnipresent psychological and political subjugation by our leaders, blocking wealth and happiness and, therefore, blocking a massive demand to cure aging and a subsequent worldwide drive to supply the demand. That subjugation must be removed in order to cure aging.

In fact, observing the psychological and political subjugation of the human race enabled Mark Hamilton to determine the cause-and-effect that is, in essence, the cure to aging, as follows:

Step One (Cause)

Remove adult's growing stagnation and replace stagnation with growing exhilaration via a creation-driven life. The demand for aging will explode.

Step Two (Cause)

Remove society's debilitating web of regulations, legislation, litigation and replace political subjugation with wide-open unhindered freedom and progress. The supply of anti-aging cures will rise to the demand.

Step Three (Effect)

Within one decade, super-rapidly -advancing new technologies driven forward by unhindered geniuses of society will arrest aging permanently.

Once Mark Hamilton uncovered the cause-and-effect, supply-and-demand formula to curing aging, he then proceeded to create and put in place the new systems that would provide the right conditions, the cause to the effect.

THE Definitive Treatment to Curing Aging

First he had to idealize the conditions needed to achieve the cure. Then he had to conceive the practical paradigms and develop the new systems and structures that would actualize what he idealized. He idealizes those conditions in his 2800-page manuscript,The Prime Cure. He actualizes those conditions through new paradigms and systems described in that manuscript and put into practice in the Neothink Society and the Twelve Visions Party.

To cure aging, we must put all the pieces into place: The Neothink Business System that leads to value creation, wealth, personal exhilaration, the thrill of life, harmony with oneself and deep fulfillment that desires life and longevity; The Neothink Social Clubhouses that bring good people together along with financial, personal, romantic opportunities and harmony with one’s fellow man and deep fulfillment that desires life and longevity; The Neothink Business Alliance that brings good business people and their enterprises together for synergy and increasingly benevolent benefits that help each of our financial positions and standard of living; The Neothink School that teaches members the Neothink Mentality; The Neothink Political System for a get-out-of-the-way, protection-only government via the Twelve Visions Party and its Prime Law, which will swish away the political web that catches and devours free and rapid progress, enabling the supply side of anti-aging solutions to rise to the demand side.

Indeed, the cure to aging starts well before the physical cure itself. First, the conditions have to be set. And setting those conditions within our Neothink Society brings immediate benefits to you. The Neothink Society makes life worth living forever. What follows is an overview of the three unique conditions that we are focused on establishing within the Neothink Society, so we can each enrich our experience of a life worth living forever.

The Three Conditions That Make Life Worth Living Forever

Embracing Your Creation-Driven Lifestyle

The demand for longevity must become enormous to attract the large money and major research and development programs required to cure this complex disease. The demand for longevity grows exponentially as people rise from their boring ruts of stagnation into exhilarating lives of creation as taught within the Neothink Society. 

As Mark Hamilton shows in Treatments One and Two of The Prime Cure, nearly all jobs and business paradigms are currently set up for limited use of our minds and creativity, which leads to stagnation. The human mind was designed for creation and slowly dies from stagnation. His new business and job paradigm is found only in Treatments One and Two (and further taught in the Neothink Society). His division of essence delivered through the Neothink Business System brings creativity to our jobs and opens our minds as they were designed to exist.

The human mind is the only thing on Earth that can CREATE. Without creation, the human mind falls far below its potential and slowly stagnates and dies. With creation, the mind lives in beautiful harmony with its nature and continually grows, expands, and experiences the exhilarating life it was meant to live (as it did as a young child). Value creation to the adult mind is play. The adult who creates values plays at life and loves life and does not want to slow down and lose his or her play time. The adult who creates demands longevity.

His new business paradigm is called the division of essence, delivered to you through his Neothink Business System, brings creation to each and every job for all people …even those currently stuck in unbearable routine ruts and physical labor! The Neothink Business System is a major breakthrough in business and personal development. Mentors in the Neothink Society can help you implement the Neothink Business System through an online course that’s based on what you learn in Treatment One of The Prime Cure.

This new business/job paradigm is one of the complex requirements for creating the demand needed for curing aging. Moreover, consider this major benefit of the Neothink Business System and your transition into value creation: the open-ended possibilities at wealth creation! Through Neothink Online, our top mentors work with you each step of the way. The emotional and financial benefits are life-changing!

Our Neothink Business Mentors are waiting for you in Neothink Online to help you begin your creation-driven life.

Building a Community That Supports You

Imagine making lifelong friends and finding lucrative business opportunities. Man is a social animal and thrives in a community of value creators contributing to society. In such a positive community, one makes lifelong friends, encounters multiple business opportunities, meets potential friends, meets potential romantic love partners.

All of those major benefits are happening in the Neothink Society, with the Neothink Clubhouses and the Neothink Business Alliance. Those beneficial social and business networks are part of the complex ingredient for harmony and happiness and the desire/demand for longevity. 

The Neothink Society and the many Neothink Social Clubhouses and the online social networking of like-minded positive and creativity people along with the widespread Neothink Business Alliance brings harmony, happiness, opportunities and stimulation the human mind and body need to desire and demand longevity.

Igniting Wealth, Health & Peace on Earth

As the demand for longevity grows, the resources and technologies that can bring us anti-aging solutions must be free to rapidly advance. In other words, the politicization of the medical, business, science and research worlds must end. 

We must depoliticize society in general to remove the web of regulations, legislation, and litigation that makes rapid progress impossible. This is the supply side of the demand-and-supply formula for curing aging. For the supply of anti-aging solutions to rise to the demand created by the Neothink Business System and the Neothink Social System, we need a Neothink Political System that will depoliticize America and then the world. Mark Hamilton has created such a Neothink Political System. The Twelve Visions Party embodies that new-dimension, Neothink Political System.

The Twelve Visions Party with its Prime-Law Amendment and Protection-Only Budget lifts us for the first time into a protection-only, purely free political dimension. This online course (based on Treatment Three of The Prime Cure) delivers that entirely new political structure needed to unleash progress and achieve the cure to aging.

Ten Focused Groups Inside the Neothink Online Community

Superior Life Advantages

Perhaps the greatest asset of any club, society, or church is the social advantage, week after week. The social advantages in the Neothink Clubhouses surpass other clubs, societies, and churches.

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The next best asset of most any club, society, or church is the code of living that is generally beneficial with good weekly or monthly lessons for self-improvement. The lessons taught in the Neothink Clubhouses outdo the lessons taught in other clubs, societies, or churches.

The culminating asset of most any club, society, or church is overarching love and harmony, often spiritual harmony, toward an ultimate goal. The Neothink Clubhouses provide overarching love and harmony. The Neothink Clubhouses strive toward an ultimate goal of eliminating human death.

Grassroots Bonanza

The new Twelve Visions political party will rise as a grassroots movement of the Neothink Clubhouses around the country. The Twelve Visions Party offers real wealth to everyone in sharp contrast to all other political parties (i.e., politics in general) that drain the wealth of everyone, including the welfare dependent.

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When the Twelve Visions Party (TVP) takes over, ordinary people will live as well as millionaires. With a TVP President, even the inner-city welfare dependents will live as well as millionaires within a few years. That scenario is demonstrated in three-part novel Neothink Superpuzzle.

Inside your local Neothink Clubhouses, you can find your local TVP Party movement. As your grassroots efforts grow, you can build (as will others around the country) your local and eventually statewide Twelve Visions Party, putting up candidates in your area. Eventually, we will combine all the local efforts into a national effort to elect a TVP President. The road map has been laid out in Neothink Superpuzzle.

Curing Disease, Aging & Death

The greatest medical achievement over the past century was the leap of life expectancy from well under 50 to 76 years. The USA Today reports that doctors today say that now things are happening in anti-aging research that could not even be imagined a couple of decades ago. Doctors and scientists now believe we are on the edge of spectacular leaps in life expectancy, possibilities they would not even entertain a couple of decades ago.

Why? The biggest reported reason is: twenty years ago, anti- aging research went from a fringe science to a mainstream science. The most exciting and aggressive research in medicine today is tied to anti-aging.

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The Association for Curing Aging and Death, which will eventually emerge as result of this group, is here to take the idea of not dying from a fringe concept to a mainstream concept.

The Neothink Society and its Church of God-Man is a sort of “grassroots effort” to generate interest from the ground up in curing aging and death, which will grow into a powerful, organized movement. When I am convinced that enough people are seriously interested, to the point they will contribute hard- earned money to Project Life, then I will formally structure the Association for Curing Aging and Death and begin the scientific research.

Entertainment Power

Many overlooked, talented artists mistakenly believe it is the commercial aspect that blocks their talent from getting recognized. Admittedly, to some degree, that is the case, but that can be worked around. The much bigger problem is that the decision of who makes it and who does not rests in the hands of a few powerful elite. If that decision were shifted to the marketplace, many, many talented artists who believe the commercial marketplace blocks their development would suddenly find themselves in demand!

Neothink Art shifts the power from an elite-few power brokers to the marketplace, thus back to the artist. Grassroots Charts in Neothink Superpuzzle demonstrates that shift from the power brokers to the artist. Indeed, if talented, overlooked artists had direct access to the marketplace, they would have the power to develop their skills as they made their art more and more desirable to the public.

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A direct example are the Neothink Manuscripts. No major publisher would dare touch Neothink literature, rendering my society powerless if I let the major publishers decide what the public reads. But, I went directly to the marketplace — the selected chosen ones — with my unlikely writings. That gave me the power to increase the value of my writings and, subsequently, reach the right people without compromising the Neothink concepts.

This is where Neothink Art begins, right here with you. When you are in the Neothink Network, opportunities often open up for artists. A synergy seems to form when Neothink Artists come together. If you are a talented artist, tell others about it here. Connections, contacts happen this way.

Business Alliance

Imagine an employment matrix designed to get an ambitious person into the career of his dreams and designed to get a business its model employee. Moreover, imagine increasingly doing business with Neothink members and their businesses instead of random businesses.

Here we have a powerful sorting mechanism. We have the type of worker who accepts and absorbs details, yet wants to and is indeed driven to exert his or her mind. If you run a business, you know such a combination is rare today: a person focussed on the small details, yet thinking forward and forming a big picture. Sort of sounds like an entrepreneur, right? That’s right: one who cares that the small stuff is done right and one who looks for ways to grow.

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Now, if you are searching for a job, desiring to leave behind your dead-end job of labor for that open-ended job of the mind, read on. Your journey will be one of mastering and absorbing details, which every market businessman and market entrepreneur will appreciate and desire.

When you understand what is going on and enthusiastically desire to devote yourself to your job at that level, to the point you will become so integrated with the business you will transform a job of labor into a job of the mind, then let your ambition be known in your Neothink Clubhouse along with details about yourself. You are stating that you are willing to devote yourself to your work to grow your job into a job where you master the details and run it through integrated thinking (like an entrepreneur). The Neothink Clubhouses are the place for you to be!

Dream Spouse

Again, the Neothink Clubhouses are the place for you if you have not found your eternal soul mate! Aside from the many other Life Advantages, the Neothink Clubhouses are ideal meeting places for Neothink women and men to find the lover and friend of their dreams.

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I will start off with a thought for women of all ages: here is a golden opportunity for you to meet a man who has higher odds of becoming the successful man.

Let me make a point: Once a man becomes quite successful, women seek him out. But, by then, most are married with children. In short, once he becomes successful, he is no longer available. The old cliché, “All the good men are taken,” for the most part is true.

The odds are so against any one man rising into the top 1% or better. Imagine, however, if you had the advantage of knowing those few available men who would rise to the top? You could then secure one of them for yourself.

A man who is attracted to the Neothink Code of Living has discovered his essence, which is value creation.

The man who adopts the Neothink Code of Living, whether he is 25 or 55 years old, develops focus and drive. Focus and drive, in turn, direct man to success.

That is why this meeting place is a golden opportunity for women to meet qualified men. And here the old cliché that “the good ones are always taken” no longer applies. For, the single man who has adopted the Neothink Code of Living is destined to become the successful man. Here are the good ones! So, ladies, make contact!

Now, if you are a man, you can get a feel for the Neothink Code of Living from what you have read in the Neothink Manuscripts. The ladies you meet at the Neothink Clubhouses will know what the Neothink man is all about: he is all about creating values. And the ladies you meet here will have a sense of their dual essences (Vision Seven), which makes for a more loving and lasting romance. So, if you adhere to the Neothink Code of Living, let the ladies know. You could find the love of your life in the Neothink Clubhouse as others have.

Raising Geniuses

Consider some of the world’s most brilliant people of the distant past such as Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Alexander the Great and, later, great Renaissance men. As children, those extraordinary people had personal tutors who often lived with them. For example, Plato was tutored by Socrates; Aristotle was tutored by Plato; Alexander the Great was tutored by Aristotle who lived with his pupil. They grew up to become great, not because of their academic training per se, although their education was important and a necessary requisite. But, the reason those men became great was: their minds worked differently, beyond the boundaries of other men. As children, they were exposed to the powerful minds of their tutors. Whereas most children back then (just as today) saw only the surface of life, the children with such powerful tutors constantly saw deeper to the essence of things. That essence continually locked together with other essences through common denominators about life. The Neothink mentors will have the same affect upon Neothink members and their children!

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The greats from the past began, as children, linking together common denominators at the root of things. As they started snapping those common denominators together, mental puzzles began forming in their minds. That allowed them to see not only deeply into things, but broadly across expanding fields of knowledge. Moreover, those growing mental puzzles, in time, began revealing never-before-seen puzzle-pictures, enabling them to create new knowledge.

In other words, those great minds advanced into Neothink. That more powerful way of using the mind did not come from their academic training per se, although it was important. Their new way of using the mind came from their tutors shaking up the normal way of looking at things, which forced the children to look deeper to the essence. At the essence of things lie the common denominators in life. And that is where Neothink puzzle-building begins.

I know this from my own experience. My father was Dr. Frank R. Wallace, a renown scientist, philosopher, and author of The Neo-Tech Discovery. It was clearly his talks with me that broke through normal boundaries of thoughts for a young person’s mind and shook up my normal way of looking at things, which caused me to look deeper at things and led to my Neothink puzzle-building and expanding success.

Neothink Superpuzzle demonstrates what happens after just one year teaching eight-year-olds and shaking up their minds to go from mere perceptual thinking as everyone else to conceptual thinking and onto puzzle-building Neothinking.

By understanding what makes minds great, parents can raise geniuses. Talk to your children about things that break through their normal perceptions. Many topics are found in Superpuzzle, which cuts through to the essence of many things. This technique really works. I do this with my young children. My six-year-old daughter knows the big puzzle-picture in my Neothink writings.

Moms, dads, and teachers communicate their experiences to each other in the Neothink Clubhouses. Eventually, the Neothink School of Geniuses will rise out of the Neothink Society, using this powerful technique to bring children into the powerful Neothink mentality.

God-Man Theory

A pioneering group of Neothink scientists will eventually look again at the enormous data collected on our Universe while asking a new set of questions based on: “What if God-Man controlled the cosmos?”

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The scientifically sound theory was originated by Dr. Frank R. Wallace in his Neo-Tech writings (taught in the Neothink Society). His theory in essence logically demonstrates why consciousness is an integral component of the Universe as are energy and matter. Dr. Wallace believed enough data currently exists that, if closely looked at while asking a different set of questions, the data will prove that consciousness ultimately controls the cosmos. The most probable way the proof will come: by showing that, through the unconscious, uninfluenced Laws of Nature, something can not be the way it is…meaning humanlike consciousness or God-Man altered the course of nature, perhaps interdicting a threatening, natural catastrophe that would wipe out life.

When the proof comes, civilization will dramatically shift away from the current irrational, political anticivilization to the Twelve Visions World — tomorrow’s purely rational, businesslike civilization after the Prime-Law Amendment. Nothing before or after will affect the ordinary person more…not Copernicus who led the way out of the Dark Ages, not Newton who led the way into the Age of Reason, not Einstein who led the way for modern electronics. Nothing before or after will catapult the prosperity of the ordinary person more than proving the God-Man Theory and his Civilization of the Universe.


That proof will make the political no-initiatory-force structure of the Twelve Visions Party and the drive for Project Life the natural order of things.

The acceptance of the Twelve Visions Party with its Prime Law would mean rising wealth for everyone, even for the poor, as demonstrated in the TVP Platform, and the acceptance of Project Life would eventually mean near-perfect health, rapidly increasing longevity, and eventual non-aging (even reverse-aging) biological immortality for everyone, including and especially for the elderly. People, by the way, would be deeply happy. In the new prosperity explosion, they would be enjoying exhilarating creation-driven lives and exciting romantic-love relationships. Those ordinary people would now want to live forever! (To understand this more thoroughly, you need Neothink Superpuzzle.)

Dr. Wallace’s tragic accident that took his life far too soon ended his two exciting projects next on his agenda. The first was a publication he planned to write called Neo-Tech Bullets that he has referenced in his published writings. The second project was to prove, from studying existing data on the cosmos, that conscious life ultimately controls the cosmos. I encourage scientists, physicists to pursue this wide-open opportunity. Even amateur physicists can join this exciting new research and pool their efforts in the Neothink Clubhouses.

Neothink Law

Neothink Law and Neothink Lawyers will bring new legal approaches based on fully integrated honesty (the-point law) into the decaying legal arena now based on manipulative truths (a- point law), half-truths, deception, dishonesty. You will learn more about this in Neothink Superpuzzle and Dr. Wallace’s The Neo-Tech Discovery.

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For example, Dr. Wallace went directly into the legal arena against the most powerful evil in America, during its peak of power in the 1980s and 1990s, and used new approaches never seen before in the court of law. It was our relentless “war of two worlds” that directly led the way to the Congressional IRS Abuse Hearings and the subsequent IRS Horror-Stories Senate Hearings.

People will be watching the rise of Neothink Law, which will rise from the Neothink Clubhouses. Ambitiously honest lawyers can start a practice much like Bruce Salinski in Neothink Superpuzzle. That law firm would protect innocent businesses and entrepreneurs from existing parasitical lawyers, political- policy law, dishonest a-point courtroom techniques, and ego- justice judges. In other words, such a law firm would protect the value producers from the value destroyers.

Neothink News

Imagine news based on providing value in contrast to news based on tearing down values. The front page of most daily newspapers and the headline news are dominated with politics. Politics per se is not value, with the exception of the Twelve Visions Party because it depoliticizes society, which will bring exceptional wealth, health, and peace to society.

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Politics (politicizing society) is a disvalue that drains the wealth, health, and peace of society. Politicization exists by tearing down values. Our problematic politics would not have much of its power if not for the false importance given to politics by the mainstream news media. Ordinary people get sucked into the illusion because it is all around them — a media-spun illusion. Ordinary people are easily pulled into the political illusion because they are still plagued with a bicameral-like mentality that seeks external “authority”.

If a major news media company existed that concentrated on values, not on disvalues such as politics, people would, one by one, begin migrating toward it because every person (i.e., human nature) is attracted to values.

People would gradually become disintegrated with the illusion as the new media source integrated them with reality.

Whatever one is integrated with, whatever one is used to, can be a powerful force over his life, whether that be his political system, his God, his basketball team. When I moved to Canada for a year, at first I hated the daily paper. “It’s nothing but politics!” I complained to my wife. Then, two months later, on a trip back to the States, I was shocked to realize the U.S. papers were the same. The only difference was: I was integrated with U.S. politics and not with Canadian politics. Not being integrated with Canadian politics, I saw what debilitating nonsense politics really is.

World travelers find the same phenomenon with religion. Other countries’ gods and their religions often seem silly. Americans who travel to Japan, for example, know what I mean. But, after awhile, the traveler realizes the same goes for his own God and religion. The only difference is: he is integrated with his God and not with their God(s).

The point is, the major news media wield enormous power because people become integrated with what those media companies say is important, such as American politics. If a media source came along that could disintegrate people from today’s mainstream media, then a major shift in power would occur, from a politically driven world to value driven world.

Neothink News is the beginning of such a media source of genuine value for the reader, listener, and viewer. Al Patterson in Neothink Superpuzzle demonstrates how the media can shift to a value-basis for the people.

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